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Owner Responds to Scam Claims

Thousands of satisfied customers across the world prove that claims of a BestEssays scam are false, a leading provider of essay writing services since 1997, has been the subject of controversy thanks to a few negative customer reviews left online. Now, the owner and founder of the company is fighting claims of a scam, stating that his company's 14 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers prove otherwise.

"The unfortunate truth is that a few negative customers shouting claims of a BestEssays scam can cause people to forget that we've been helping students across the world since 1997, remarked the owner of "During that time, we've served thousands of customers. You can look on our website and see the countless testimonials from satisfied customers."

A look at the site does in fact reveal a collection of testimonials from happy clients who would surely disagree with claims of a scam. However, the reality is that customers who use review websites tend to be more negative in nature.

"It's my biggest problem with online review websites. Happy customers rarely use them. They get the service they expect, they're happy, and they go on with their lives. You don't get a chance to hear from them," he continued. "It's those customers who have negative things to say that hop online and leave reviews saying that there's a BestEssays scam. It's an unbalanced, unfair view of a company's performance." has long been regarded as one of the leaders in the field of academic writing. They've been lauded for the quality of their services and the strict hiring standards they have for their essay writers. The company has also been praised for their guaranteed deadline delivery, 24/7 customer service, and free revisions for 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

"We appreciate feedback from all customers. We really do, but before a student gets scared of hearing of a BestEssays scam, we encourage them to take the time to learn more about our company. They can even contact us to talk to one of our customer service representatives," said the founder of "We know that once they use our service, they'll know there's no such thing as a scam."


Since 1997, has been serving the academic writing needs of students across the world. They offer a full line of writing services, including essay writing, research paper writing, coursework writing, and more.

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